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I am currently building a team of promoters who would be interested in a very lucrative career promoting a 90 Day Challenge with me throughout North America. As the company grows internationally, I’ll be looking for promoters to work with me there as well! I have a lot of Pro Athletes, Biggest Loser contestants, gyms, trainers, MMA/UFC fighters, doctors, actors, etc., promoting the Challenge with me. ViSalus gives you the opportunity to create your OWN economy and take control of your financial future today! If you are passionate about helping others and want more information, read on..

To become a Visalus Promoter, you pick a distributor kit of choice and enroll online:

1- To enroll in the system as a Visalus promoter, go here and click on PROMOTE THE CHALLENGE button.

2- Select your country location complete all the initial contact details on the page.

3- Select the Visalus distributor starter kit option you would like.

There are three different options for you to choose from:


basicThe basic information you need to start Promoting The Challenge, plus a Product Sampler so you can try our favorites. This system Includes:

• Welcome Guide (1)
• Challenge Tracker Bracelet (1)
• Challenge Brochure (1)
• Vi Product Sampler (1 serving of each)
• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix
• Vi Crunch™ Protein Cereal
• Vi Bites ™ – Glorious Greens
• Vi Bites™ – Chocolate Monkey
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Chocolate Chip
• NEON® Energy Drink
• GO® Instant Energy Shot


executiveThis is our most popular Challenge Kit products both for sampling and for your Challenge Group, plus our best Promoting Tools!

Includes everything in the Basic Promoter System, PLUS….

• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (1 pouch – 30 servings)
• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (1 box – 15 single servings)
• Vi Crunch™ Protein Super Cereal (1 pouch – 14 servings)
• Vi Crunch™ Protein Super Cereal (1 box – 7 single servings)
• Vi Bites™ Fruit Frenzy (1 box – 7 packets)
• Vi Bites™ Fiesta Nut™ (1 box – 7 packets)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Chocolate Chip (1 box – 14 cookies)
• NEON® Energy Drink (6 cans)
• Omega Vitals Tablets (1 bottle – 30 capsules)
• Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake (2 bottles – 60 tablets)
• Plus 30 Challenge Brochures to help you promote The Challenge
• And Instant access to Vi-Net® Pro & Vi-Net® Mobile

Because this Visalus kit is $499, you will immediately be positioned to earn from customers and distributor enrollments right away.

Another advantage of this kit is that it allows you to participate in the Rising Star pool bonus, as well as the BMWr club pre-qualifier.

This kit comes with enough product for yourself and to share with others, so at check out you do not need to add any items (unless you want more) and you should select your autoship to be NEXT MONTH. I recommend you make that auto at least a $99 Shape kit. That way you will always have enough product for YOURSELF and for tasting parties!


starThe fastest way to become a Rising Star!

Includes everything that comes in the Executive Promoter System… PLUS…

• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (2 pouches – 60 servings)
• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (3 boxes – 45 single servings)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Chocolate Chip (2 boxes – 28 cookies)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Oatmeal Raisin (2 boxes – 28 cookies)
• ViSalus GO® Instant Energy (2 boxes – 30 energy shots)
• NEON® Energy Drink (2 cases – 48 cans)
• Plus an additional 60 Challenge Brochures to help you promote The Challenge
• And 25% off at the Vi Store!

This kit is the same as the $499 Executive Kit, except for that it comes with a lot more samples to share at a significant discount than if you were to purchase them separately. If you are anticipating a lot of sampling needs because you have a lot of local connections, I recommend this kit just so you can get a nice break in price and have enough on hand to pass around. Otherwise, choose the $499 EPS to start with.

Tell some friends that you are starting a 90 day challenge with Body by Vi and would like to know if they’d like to do it with you!! You’d be surprised how many people would LOVE to join you!!

If the business is not yet for you, then maybe another option is to start the challenge yourself as a customer and as soon as you drop your first 10 lbs, people will begin to ASK YOU what you are doing!!! Makes sure you have a sample with you to share and you can even qualify to get your product for free. Then, when the time is good for you come back and JOIN US to help us promote The Challenge and help others transform their lives.

If you are ready to  join Visalus today, the fastest growing weight management program in the industry, visit me here

If you still have some questions, feel free to call me and let’s set up a few minutes to talk. You can reach me at 925-285-1171.

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