Great Support

Jenny you were so kind to me, I appreciated it so much. DOC

Suzanne Wilcox

Stay the Road

“Stay Committed and NEVER Quite On Yourself”

Matthew Jamieson 2-Star Ambassador, Project 10 - $10,000 Winner

Project 10

“Project 10 is not just about weight loss. You can build lean muscle or maintain what you have built over the years.  Excellent way to recovery from a workout.”

Drexel Long

Thank you!

Jenny Lynn-Travis thanks for the tips for Shenikka Shenikka to get started again our ‪#‎project10‬‘s 90 day challenge. I know she will get the results she wants w/ her commitment n our support from our community.

Drexel Long

The Challenge

“ViSalus and The Challenge has impacted and transformed every aspect of my life, health, anbd prosperity.  My life has been changed forever.”

Matt Plummer Vi 100+ Pound Club Member and 2014 Vi Team Champion

Running FREED me

“I love my new, health and active lifestyle – 82 lbs lost so far!”

Wendy Horne Project 10 Winner, Regional Director


“ViSalus has restored our health and energy, allowing us to live the life togtyher that we’ve always dreamed of living.  More importantly, it has become the vehicle by which we are able to help others transform their lives as well.”

Dave & Shurrenda Morgan 2014 Southeast Region Couples Weight Loss Champions

No Failure!

“I learned DNF takes on 2 meanings:  Did Not Finish and DID NOT FAIL!  Two years ago I couldn’t run for 3 minutes.  On August 21, 2014 I completed 127.3 miles in Ironman Louisville in 15 hours and while I have unfinished business, I DID NOT FAIL “

Dave Morgan 2015 Southeast Region Male Active/Fitness Leader Board, 2014 Southeast Region Couples Weight Loss Champion, Vi 100+ Pound Club Member

More Energy!

“I was in a constant state of discomfort with extremely low energy.  Now, I feel good in my own skin again and my energy level has gone through the roof!!”

Shurrenda Morgan 2014 Southeast Region Couples Weight Loss Champion